Polarity Practitioner Training Details

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bullte - energy Training Levels:

  • 2 Day Introductory Certificate of Achievement. 12 credit hours. This training can be counted towards the DPT if commenced within one year after taking the intro. Can also be credited for CEUs.
    Pre-requisites: All that you need is a liking for people, a wish to help, and an open-ness to alternative and energy-based therapies.
  • DPTP - Diploma of Polarity Therapy Practice: 178 cumulative credit hours. This level provides comprehensive skills to begin professional practice with clients, as a Polarity Therapist. Many people also choose this level of training primarily as part of their own personal growth and wellness process, and to better take care of their families. It establishes the basis for the Advanced Diploma in Polarity Therapy.
    • Pre-Requisites: Introductory Certificate of Achievement, a keen interest in helping people, and a commitment to alternative and energy-based therapies.
    • Important note about "prior learning": Polarity Therapy is an extensive and detailed method of wellness arising from an intricate and elegant paradigm that is unfamiliar to most people, including those trained in other therapeutic methods. It is also substantially different from other energy based methods/ modalities. Accordingly, credit for prior learning in other modalities is not offered to intending DPTP students.
  • PPTP - Professional Polarity Therapy Practitioner: 685 cumulative credit hours. This is an advanced level of training.  It fosters a deeper knowledge and skill base appropriate for those intending to deepen their therapeutic skills and build a professional practice as Polarity Therapy Practitioners. Individuals wishing to focus on deepening their own wellness process also benefit greatly from this training level. This training level is the basis from which ultimately to progress to further training to become a Professional Polarity Practitioner.
    • Pre-requisites: Successful graduation from the DPT at 6th Dimension™ or the same level Polarity Therapy training at an appropriate standard elsewhere.
  • CPP - Consulting Polarity Practitioner: Post graduate level professional qualification. 815 cumulative credit hours involving an additional 30 hours of further training after the PPTP, while simultaneously maintaining a professional practice for 2 years prior to enrolling in this level. More information.



bullte - energy Training Availability

USA: Contact 6th Dimension.

AUSTRALIA: Go to Polarity Australia for next DPTP intake. Blue Mountains, NSW.


      • DPTP
        USA: Ten 2-day modules spread across 12 months (approx).
        AUSTRALIA: 2 - 4 day modules spread across 15 months (approx). Schedule is subject to trainer's international travel schedule, international COVID restrictions by the Australian and NSW governments, and our COVID safe policy.
      • Indivudual intensives may be available, subject to the the pedagogical manager's availability and our COVID safe policy .
      • PPTP
        USA: 2 day modules. 68 Modules spread across 2-3 years (approx).
        AUSTRALIA: 2 - 4 day modules, 34 modules spread across 3 years (approx). Schedule is subject to trainer's international travel scheduleand the constantly evolving COVID situation world wide.
        Pre-requisite: DPTP.
      • FEES: Request a current student info pack. Current fees are listed there.

bullte - energy Training Registration:

Contact 6D to request training information and a registration packet. Fees for the current year are indicated in that information.


  1. Registration does not guarantee acceptance into training.
  2. Intending students who have registered for training are required to attend an admission interview after which the intending student is notified by 6th Dimension™ whether he or she has been accepted into training.
  3. Admission interviews may be scheduled over a virtual meeting service.



bullte - energy Why Study Polarity through 6th Dimension™?
  • You will experience a real world approach to Polarity Therapy training as a result of practice-based knowledge and experience.
  • You will experience a caring yet integrated, systematic and thoughtful approach to Polarity Therapy education that also incorporates some scholarly principles of learning.
  • You will be taught by an experienced educator who has taught in the vocational, university, college, and private sectors in the USA, Asia, and Australia, including as pedagogical manager for a professional school in Tokyo with a faculty of 23 teachers and over 400 - 600 trainees.
  • You will be exposed to an international perspective: Originating from Australia and providing training in the USA and Australia, the training manager has also lived and studied in India, Japan, Thailand and other parts of South East Asia.
  • You will be provided clear, simple information about the origins of Polarity Therapy. The training manager has spent considerable time at the institute in India where Dr Stone spent much of his later life.
  • You will be offered a wide range of electives.
  • You will be taught by a doctoral qualified educator who is capable of supervising training at a professional level.
  • You will be respected by a strong code of ethics regarding trainees, including their ownership of their own intellectual property.
  • You will be taught by an educator with experience dealing with professional associations - the training manager is a former Board member of the American Polarity Therapy Association.
  • You will be treated like a serious adult, a professional-in-training, someone with prior life and career experience who has chosen to enhance your life through acquiring Polarity Therapy knowledge.



bullte - energy Language of Instruction: All training is conducted in English, so please make sure that you are proficient in that language.

bullte - energy Currency for payment of fees: All fees are in $US. During times of exchange rate disadvantage, students in Australia may ask about fee scholarships to absorb some of that disadvantage.

Payment method: We will invoice you via our online Square payments account, payable online. All transactions are through Ranna® Arts Incorporated (LLC) USA account. Payment is required by four weeks before the start date.



bullte - energy Professional Registration or Membership, & Insurance:

Graduates from many countries including the USA, Australia, Canada and others are eligible to apply for membership with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

Further, and very important for trainees, student membership is possible through IICT and it's a very good idea as this provides some protection during your practicum hours.

That said, trainees from/ in other countries are advised to check with their national Polarity Therapy organization, if any, to verify if training at 6th Dimension™ would also qualify them for membership/ registration as Polarity Therapy practitioners in their own country. A variety of other Polarity Therapy organizations, which are open to accepting graduates from a variety of backgrounds, are emerging world wide but criteria and standards are country-specific.

Some, but not all, of these professional associations provide access to low-cost, professional liability insurance for graduates intending to practice as Polarity Therapists. However, other avenues of obtaining such insurance also exist. It is strongly recommended that students obtain a form of membership that allows them or their school to obtain insurance cover for their qualifying clinic hours.

Registration or membership with any professional Polarity Therapy organization is solely at the trainee's/ graduate's own discretion, whether during training or upon completion of training

Finally, also take into account that, although this entire training program exceeds the standards required by the American Polarity Therapy Association, and is MORE EXTENSIVE, it is taught INDEPENDENTLY of that organization. As such, we do not purport that our graduates can obtain recognition through that organization. In fact, due to that organization's continuing failures in fiduciary responsibility and duty of care to its members, Dr Lachlan has distanced herself from it.

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