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Fengu Shui: Harmonious flow in your home or business

Has life been kinda odd lately? Got a general feeling of wanting things to flow better? Or have you already fine tuned things, maybe even done a little Feng Shui, but things still don't seem right somehow? Has there been illness? Financial stress? Unusual events in your life? Don't like your home? Don't like your workplace? Maybe something is out of whack with the energy flows in your environment.

bullte - energy Feng Shui is a way to move towards some peace in your world.

Feng Shui fish pond - photo Ranna® 2008.
FEng Sui Interior adjustment - photo RannaŚ ©2010
Feng Shui Pathway through garden - photo RannaŚ 2008

bullte - energy I take a real world approach to Feng Shui, recommending things that you can do with what you already have in your home or business. My focus in the art of Feng Shui is to enhance energy flows and harmony in the spaces where you live or work. I aim to bring balance between you and your surroundings by paying attention to the environment in which any building is sited, influences from when it was built, and by matching the uses and interior arrangements of various rooms to their Feng Shui qualities. Life within a building can be aligned positively with the Chi that flows into it ... consider it "acupuncture for your home or building".

bullte - energy I align with your intentions, respect the sanctity of your world, and aim to enhance your path through life.

bullte - energy With over 20 years' experience, I assess your site and builiding using a blend of the form and compass schools of Feng Shui. "Flying Stars", the temporary influences over each location and direction in your home and business, are also assessed in Feng Shui consultations that I provide.

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