Assistance for Indigo & Crystal Born People

Indigo and Crystal people are particularly sensitive to the demands of 3rd Dimensional living while helping with planetary shifts presently underway. Crystal people are said to be attuned to 6th Dimensional energy - energy which is essential to nourish the successive layers of human and planetary evolutionary change now occurring. The 4th Dimension nourishes the 3rd Dimension. The 5th Dimension nourishes the 4th Dimension. The 6th Dimension nourishes the 5thDimension.... and so on to the 12th Dimension and beyond, and the realms within each.

Instructor & Polarity Therapist - Ranna-Lesley Lachlan

Dr Ranna-Lesley Lachlan helps adults who have been forging the way.

Special Child photo ©2011 by Ranna‘

One of the "Special Children" coming into the planet at this time. Sweet natured and "shining"...

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Dr Ranna-Lesley Lachlan (PhD, RPP, RPE, VCST, DFA, Grad. D. Mat. Anth., Cert Ministry) founder of 6th Dimension, is personally aware of multi-dimensionality. Helping people adjust to the planetary and human changes that are taking place is one of her missions on this planet. She is working in several modalities to assist others in integrating and adjusting to the new frequencies coming into the planet during current times. She has personally experienced the benefits of these modalities while integrating physical and energy-level adjustments that are part of her life as a sensitive, in synch with planetary and universe shifts and information coming in. She has been instructed to provide assistance to others who are responding to or are part of those shifts.

And keep an eye out for little Gold children coming in...

Dr Lachlan is the founder of 6th DimensionTM and the developer of Ranna® Yoga™ - The AUmgenic™ System . She is a licensed Polarity Therapy Specialist and qualified as a Visionary Cranio-Sacral Therapist , Tai Chi and Qi Gong instructor, and Shaolin Pain Relief practitioner. She holds a PhD in cross-cultural arts and Asian spirituality, and has also been an innovative visual artist throughout her life, bringing in new forms of visual and musical expression that carry the new frequencies that have been coming in to the planet.



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