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Yoga Session Description

An Aumgenic™ yoga experience
Integrating Polarity Yoga and Cranio-Sacral Rhythms

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The following is a reprint of a recent article for the newsletter of the American Polarity Therapy Association, describing a class experience in Ranna's Inter-Dimensional approach in her Ranna® Yoga™ method. Ranna was selected to present this Therapeutic Movement method at the 25th Anniversary conference of the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA) in Chicago.


I’ve just walked into a peaceful, open, airy, spacious room, with lofty ceilings, with only yoga mats, cushions, a stack of soft blankets, some beautiful healthy plants, a teacher and participants. Soft music is playing, maybe Steve Halpern or Anugama, or something like it. I sit on one of the yoga mats.

Yes, it looks like just another day in yet another yoga class.

The teacher checks in with everyone in the group and asks them where they are at, how they are physically, what else is going on. Some people choose not to talk openly, but already everyone is in some sort of process. I see them thinking, recalling, having their feelings about their private musings.

The teacher then says to the group, sotto voce, “Okay, everyone, let’s get into our down-up, down-ups.”

“What? Down-ups?”

The teacher changes the music to something with bells, unhurried, very measured, very steady, with an even dynamic and incremental, subtly modulated tonal changes. “Lie back, knees up, arms this way, feet...” She continues to describe the starting position, then when everyone has more or less arranged their bodies and limbs, “Before you start, allow your conscious awareness to go to anything which has been bothering you - something on the front burner, maybe, or even something lurking like a bandit which pops up unbidden when you least expect it and least want it, that ‘something’ which prowls around in your mind. Now consciously set it aside. Mentally pick it up, kindly and gently, and put it in a beautiful, decorated box for you to return to it later if you choose. Ask your system, your body ‘Can this be resolved?’ Now choose something, an image and emotion with which you can replace whatever it is that you are setting aside. An antidote. Say to yourself ‘I am bringing in ...’ Give it a clear, short name, phrase or sentence. If you need a little nudge to get there, picture something about which you feel unreservedly and unconditionally happy or loving. Now, hold that feeling while you begin your down ups.”

While she goes on to gently talk everyone through the how-to of the the first “down-up” movement, I think, “Oh, for Heavens sake! This is beginning to sound just a little too “New Age-y” familiar - did the woman overdose on “The Secret” or something? (she says it’s been no secret to her all her life) - but ‘Down-ups’?. What is she talking about?”
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The group begins an unfamiliar, yet cthonically known, rhythmical movement. Before long, even though the teacher is verbally holding a steady pulse to the movement, everyone in the class is at a different place in the movement’s pattern. She says, “This is normal. Your body is settling into its own rhythm.”

Really? What is she doing? I don’t get it but somehow my body seems to like it. I feel myself sort of settling, letting things go. Is this ‘yoga’? Hmmm. Strange. There are sensations. My mind seems to be going to some other place. It feels sort of open and receptive and in my inner self. Yet I feel safe. What sort of ‘yoga’ is this?

Class progresses. We move through a series of movements, some familiar. She says these ones are Hatha Yoga and traditional yoga. Some are unfamiliar yet full of body-logic and my body recognizes them somehow. She says these ones are Polarity Yoga and mentions some guy named Randolph Stone. Other movements she guides us through I’ve never encountered before, yet they seem to pull me into, and simultaneously arise from, something deep within my own body.

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None of the movements or postures are static or delivered in that worn old method of deepening into the posture then holding it, deepening and holding. Instead, the music and sounds in the studio, and the teacher’s voice hold a steady pulse throughout class so that we seem to be tapping into some deeper rhythm, a place where we know and recognize deeper aspects of our lives and experience, but it isn’t always conscious.

While we move, she talks about how phycisits have discovered that there are photons of light in the Cerebro-Spinal Fluid and that this Randolph Stone guy talked about the spine as the Ultrasonic core. She talks about the infinity pattern being the same as a sideways figure 8, and energy patterns, and mid-points, and energy pathways. I don’t really get it, but my body seems to understand and there seems to be a bio-intelligent progression carrying the movements from one innately logical place to another.

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Without knowing why, or even minding that I don’t know why, I follow and place my hands on precise parts of my head and body, passing through steady cycles of repetitions that seem to make internal sense that my body and mind recognize without analyzing. Muscles lengthen. Cranky knots let go. My body suddenly takes a breath like my first breath. Things are shifting. Things float up into my thoughts and float away. What was bothering me? I don’t remember. What am I “bringing in”? I don’t remember that, either. I am simply in my body and in my experience. I feel... what? Well, I feel... Oh, it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. How amazing. I just realized how to resolve issue “X”. Yes. That ‘s right. I know what to do about that. Okay, I’m still in my rhythm, shifting my arm, placing my hand... I might need a snooze later but for now I’m moving. Things are shifting. I feel. The natural, steady flow into the next movements takes over.

Time passes, we are now doing some other slower rhythm. I feel so different. This slow ryhthm settles me more. I’m not sure I like slowing down this much but I feel connected. Things are shifting still, even more. I feel a deep sense of restoration, as though my system is re-organizing on some deep level that I don’t have to capture and scrutinze. It really doesn’t matter that I don’t consciously know. My noisy mind has relaxed. So has my body. I’m alive. I’m awake. I’m at peace and I feel at one with myself. Unified. Unified field. Union. Yoga. Isn’t that what ‘yoga’ is about? Hmmm... Maybe this isn’t just another yoga class.

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The sensations, progressions, and awarenesses as reported by class participants and the developer alike. The teacher was guiding participants through a process to access their own Cerebro-Spinal Fluid rhythms and carrying that into progressions of movements based in 5 element theory of Polarity Therapy.

What are these rhythms, this Inter-Dimensional Flow? What are the placement of hands on head and body that the “participant” described?

Ah, well, that is the stuff of CLASSES or a workshop in Ranna®-Yoga™ - an Inter-Dimensional Approach.

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