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bullte - energy Polarity Therapy is a proven, premier alternative health method based in knowledge of the human anatomy, the human nervous system, and the human energy field. It is a holistic method of health preservation as well as health restoration incorporating its "Four Pillars" of helath and wellbeing:

(1) Therapeutic Touch
(2) Self Awareness
(3) Therapeutic Movement/ Polarity Yoga
(4) Energy-based naturopathic dietary principles.

bullte - energy What to expect in a Polarity session, how it is done, & the "Four Pillars"

Polarity Therapy clients receive their sessions fully clothed. Clients typically report profund relaxation and moving through difficult issues. Polarity Therapy rests on "Four Pillars", addressed in various ratios according to the practitioner's assessment of your needs, in concert with your process and readiness.

These are:

1. Therapeutic Touch

Polarity Therapy incorporates a system of gentle, non-invasive therapeutic touch. The therapeutic touch focuses on the energy systems of your body and involves protocols of gentle hands-on contacts by your Polarity Practitioner to rebalance the energy template of your body, thereby helping your physical body to also shift towards health. Using both hands, or fingers of both hands, the your Practitioner will use a variety of contacts which link energetically and functionally to related areas of your body to facilitate healthy flow of body energy. In a Polarity Therpay session, deep and light contacts may be used. No forceful skeletal manipulations or deep tissue massage are performed and so Polarity Therapy is suitable for elderly and frail clients.

2. Sef Awareness

The body-mind-emotion connection is fully integrated in Polarity Therapy which recognizes that particular thought processes and emotional patterns are often associated with health imbalances. To support the therapeutic touch work, self awareness is pivotal to your process. Polarity Therapists/ Practitioners attune themselves to helping their clients to become more aware of any areas which are detrimental to their health and wellbeing. Emotional wellbeing and awareness tend to be a natural by-product of Polarity Therapy and, indeed, for some clients people these are their primary goal in consulting a Polarity Therapist.

3. Energy based, naturopathic dietary principles

Further supporting the therapeutic touch work of Polarity Therapy, and the self awareness process, you will be encouraged to take control of your own healing process through an "energy based" approach to diet, as suggested by your Polarity practitioner from time to time. The developer of Polarity Therapy, Dr Randolph Stone, was also a doctor of Naturopathy, and many of the principles of diet recommended to Polarity Therapy clients reflect Naturopathic principles of diet.

4. Therapeutic Movement, Polarity Yoga

When appropriate, suggestions regarding simple yoga-like exercises and other therapeutic movement recommendations that are specific to your needs round-out the Polarity Therapy holistic approach to health and well being. Many of these "yoga-like" Polarity Yoga movements engage specific reflexes to facilitate correct flow of Polarity currents in the energy field, to discharge stuck emotional energy affecting the body, and to enhance the function of specific organs of the body.

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bullte - energy How Polarity Therapy works:

Polarity Therapy integrates Western knowledge of human anatomy and the human nervous system with several branches of Oriental medicine, especially Ayurvedic medicine from India, along with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) such as acupuncture and accupressure. The Polarity Therapy method is comprehensive and sophisticated. Yet Polarity Therapy is also a light and subtle therapeutic method that is remarkably effective. With a track record of almost 80 years in assisting people with many dis-ease conditions, it is both the "oldest" contemporary energy wellness method and perhaps the most complete.

Described as a method for the 21st Century" (Wilson, W., 2004), Polarity Therapy is a gentle, holistic method of treatment, applicable to many health problems and the effects of modern life. Polarity Therapy is based in the concept of a life energy which is in constant pulsation in the human energy field. The energy field, subtle energy centers of the body, and specific currents of energy in, through, and around the body form an energetic template termed the wireless anatomy of the body.

The term "Polarity" Therapy derives from the awareness that there are poles within the energy field and energy systems of the body, just as there are in a magnet's energy field. It is a comprehensive, effective yet remarkably light and subtle therapeutic method which sees dis-ease, illness and symptoms as complex patterns of disharmony within the human system. These patterns of disharmony can involve many factors including energy blockages and disturbances of the energetic system. Polarity Therapy accepts that when there is disruption or blockage in the energy flows in the human energy field and energy systems of the body, dis-ease arises. Polarity Therapy aims to restore wellness by re-establishing balance in the energy flows of the body and human energy field, through working with the polarities within these energy systems.

Polarity Therapy incorporates numerous influences and knowledge from Western and Asian healing, including the concept of subtle "elements" arising in "ether/ space" (a notion also found in Tibetan healing practices) and articulating through the energy template into the human body.


bullte - energy Origins:

Developed by Dr Randolph Stone (1890-1981), a Dr of Osteopathy, Dr of Chiropractic, and Dr of Naturopathy, Polarity Therapy has been way ahead of its time: Although there has been an explosion in popularity of energy healing methods in recent years, Polarity Therapy has existed since the 1940s, ahead of its time by at least 60 years.

Now, popular awareness of energy therapeutics is finally catching up with this visionary method! It could be called the "oldest contemporary energy therapy method".

(© Ranna-Lesley Lachlan (Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, RPP, RPE, PhD). 2005.
REFERENCES: Stone, R., 1986 ed.; Stone, R., 1985 ed.; Sills, F., 1989;
"Energy Medicine for the 21st Century" by Wilson, W., in Caduceus, Issue 31.)


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