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Middletown in the Shenandoah Valley


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Never Heard Of It!"

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bullte - energy WORKSHOP DETAILS - "POLARITY THERAPY??? NEVER HEARD OF IT!" Relax. You are in very good company! Almost all of my clients had never heard of Polarity Therapy, either - not until a desperate internet search, or an enlightened doctor, or a knowing friend pointed them to me. Over the years I've seen people look plain dumbstruck and bewildered when I mention it. I've had people ask me "Is that something to do with Bi-Polar Disorder?" "Reiki?" "Massage?" I promise you it isn't any of those things.

I've also had many clients say to me "How come I didn't know about Polarity Therpay years ago? If only I had known..."

This workshop sets out to change all that and lets you put a toe in the water without having to venture too much, or plunge too deep.

bullte - energy To introduce you to this strange sounding alternative health paradigm, Polarity Therapy, and give you some basic tools to use, the workshop material to be covered includes:

  • Another time, another place - a brief history of Polarity Therapy.
  • Then we climb aboard the "let's-go train" and tootle through the "Four Pillars" of Polarity Therapy - body work, self awareness, movement, and an unusual take on diet.
  • A twirl through some core principles of chakra-based and energy-based therapeutic approaches.
  • A hand-shake with the Ayurvedic elements that underpin Polarity Therapy.
  • We also trip the light-fantastic through some simple energy "experiments". (Seriously. We'll be on our feet, moving.)
  • A quick tour of the human energy field and the energy systems of the human body.
  • Then we step onto the "let's give it a go" platform and learn a few tried and true hands-on Polarity Therapy techniques, practised in pairs.
  • Then something to take away - some simple self-healing techniques.


bullte - energy PRESENTER: Dr Ranna-Lesley Lachlan, Board Certified and Registered Polarity Therapy Practitioner and Polarity Educator (PhD, BCPP, RPP, RPE, VCST, DFA, Grad. D. Mat. Anth., Cert Ministry).

Dr Lachlan is Polarity Therapy Ssecialist who has served on the national Board of Directors of the American Polarity Therapy Association. She has presented Polarity Therapy based movement therapy at national conferences and developed a successflu Polarity Therapy based Yoga TV series.

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bullte - energy TIMES & DATES:

bullte - energy SUITABLE FOR : Anyone.

bullte - energy LOCATIONS:

USA: Middletown, VA.

AUSTRALIA: Blue Mountains, NSW.

bullte - energy COST: $TBA for the 3 day Intro. Cost changes in keeping with annual CPI increases.

bullte - energy REGISTRATION:

    • Voicemail or email pre-reservations will be accepted BUT IT IS IMPORTANT TO CONFIRM REGISTRATION by sending prepayment of tuition cost BY due date indicated in registration info. Confirmation of a place in the workshop is in order of receipt of payment.
    • Payment method: We will invoice you via our online Square payments account, payable online. All transactions are through Ranna® Arts Incorporated LLC. Payment is required by two weeks before the start date.
      In Australia, follow the payment guidelines provided with enrollment confirmation.

bullte - energy WORKSHOP SIZE:

  • 6 - 10 people.
  • The minimum class size number must be reached for the workshop to start. If significantly more than the maximum number of people register, an additional workshop will be added to the schedule.

bullte - energy OTHER INFORMATION:

    • Clothing: Wear comfortable, loose clothing. We will be variously sitting on the floor, standing, and sitting in chairs. Leave the shorts, singlets, tank tops etc. in the closet and jeans are a bit too heavy for the experiential learning that we will do during the workshop. The venue is heated/ air conditioned, depending on conditions outside.
    • Footwear: Comfortable indoor flat shoes with good support, as we will be doing some standing during the workshop and outdoor shoes are not permitted in the training room.
    • Lunch: There will be approximately 1 hour for lunch. There are several charming eateries on Main St in Middletown.
    • Bring with you: A notebook and pen; an open mind.

bullte - energy CANCELLATION POLICY: If the workshop is cancelled by 6th Dimension, you will be refunded your fees. If you confirm your registration and do not attend, a place has been held for you ahead of others who also would like to attend, so fees are non-refundable. 6th Dimension reserves the right to postpone the workshop for legitimate reasons affecting 6th Dimension. An alternative date will be provided as soon as possible.


bullte - energy NEWS: Ranna was selected to present her Polarity Therapy based "Yoga" method at the 25th Anniversary conference of the American Polarity Therapy Association - APTA, in Chicago. VIDEO CLIP: Integrating Polarity Yoga and Cranio-Sacral Rhythms...

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