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You & the Shamanic process: A Healing Exploration

Using a guided process derived from Tibetan Shamanism, we will explore inner "worlds" to find lost or disowned parts of ourselves. These are the shadow and ego parts of the self which, in several cosmologies, are seen as illusion and can hinder our souls' living fully in the now. With love and compassion, we will bring these parts into the light and back to ourselves.

No prior experience or training is required. Whether you are just curious or involved in a healing modality as a client or practitioner, this Shamanic program has the potential to provide a quantum shift in your healing process.


Ranna Smiling while teaching

Facilitated by Dr Ranna-Lesley Lachlan
(PhD, BCPP, RPP, RPE, DFA, Grad. D. Mat. Anth., Cert Ministry).

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Dr Lachlan trained in the Tibetan Shamanic journeying method in 2006. She approaches this Shamanic work as a complementary health practitioner and teacher who seeks to share tools for well being and self-awareness with her clients and students.

Private sessions by appointment.

Periodic workshops.


6th Dimension Spiral - copyright painting by Ranna
The Spiral is a symbol of Shamanic "travel" in many cultures.
This one depicts a "view" of our world with its various energy centers along and in relationship to the Shamanic spiral.


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