Ranna - Tai Chi pic 1

CHIEF INSTRUCTOR: Ranna-Lesley Lachlan
(PhD, BCPP, RPE, VCST, DFA, Grad. D. Mat. Anth., Instructor Black Belt/ 8th degree; Montaigue School of Tai Chi & Pakua, 1986)
in progress through the Yang Cheng Fu long form.

Ongoing classes Saturdays 1- 5 pm& Tues 5.30-7pm. Details at our class page.

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Tai Chi "Toe-in-the-Water" Workshop

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Ranna - Tai Chi pic 2

Ranna in Stork Spreads Wings move.

Video Clip - Ranna Is...


Ranna - Tai Chi pic 3

Ranna in kick from 2nd third.

Ranna - Tai Chi pic 4

Ranna comes up from Snake Creeps down and
prepares for Repulse Monkey, 3rd third.

Ranna - Tai Chi pic 5

Ranna in Repulse Monkey, 2nd third.

Ranna - Tai Chi pic 6

Ranna in Repulse Monkey, 2nd third.

Ranna - Tai Chi pic 7

Ranna in Single Whip move.

Ranna - Tai Chi pic 9

Ranna in Single Whip move, close-up.

Ranna - Tai Chi pic 8

Ranna in Sea Bottom Needle move.

Photographs taken on Kalalau trail, Kauai Island, Hawaii. 

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