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Tai Chi at 6th Dimension™ is privately run and independent of any franchised school. Read more about our Traditional Tai Chi approach (new window). Ongoing all-levels classes 2 - 5 pm.

Yin Yang symbol Put your cares away for an afternoon and dip a "toe-in-the-water" to see if you like this Tai Chi thing or if it is what you thought.

Yin Yang symbol SATURDAY: Next workshop. Contact for current schedule.

Yin Yang symbol TIME: Typically 2 - 5 pm. Contact for current schedule.

Yin Yang symbol INSTRUCTOR: Dr Ranna-Lesley Lachlan, Instructor Black Belt/ 8th degree (1986, jointly certified by Montaigue School of Tai Chi & Bagua and Garbett School of Tai Chi & Wing Chun) (PhD, RPP, RPE, VCST, DFA, Grad. D. Mat. Anth.)

That would be me! I've been involved in Tai Chi for over 40 years. I love it and I love teaching it. Just like everyone else, I go through passages of time where life intrudes and it seems like my Tai Chi is deteriorating. Not true. It is always there and new levels of understanding await, from the very first class to decades later.

Oh, did I mention that it is great for health, aids relaxation, develops focus and clarity, and - well, lots of other stuff? Did I also mention that I take it pretty seriously, too, and teach in a quite old fashioned way? - there are no class Tee Shirts, no uniforms, just respect and focus on this amazing form!

Yin Yang symbol LOCATION: 6th Dimension, Middletown studio (directions will be provided when you register). A little more info.

Yin Yang symbol FEE: $50.00 per person. $90.00 per 2 family members.

Yin Yang symbol CLASS SIZE: 6 - 10 people. Minimum must be reached to run the workshop.

Yin Yang symbol WHAT WE DO IN THE WORKSHOP: We will do some really cool stuff like feeling and sensing "Chi", then I'll put you through some "paces" that might seem very unfamiliar. That is, we'll do a little sensing of our own and others' weight placement... oh, yes, we'll also do some of that lovely serene, floaty looking movement series called "The Form".

In case you are curious, I teach the long form of Yang Chen Fu style Tai Chi... but that takes about a year to learn and a lifetime to consolidate.

For the workshop, I'll just pull some sweet little treats from the whole discipline of Tai Chi for you.

Yin Yang symbol REGISTRATION:

  • Reserve your place by phone or email.
  • To confirm your place in the workshop, prepayment must be received a minimum of 1 week before the workshop date.
  • Payment method: Electronic payment upon your receipt of our emailed invoice, via our Square online payments account, OR by check to Ranna® Arts Incorporated LLC, PO Box 971, Stephens City, VA 22655.


Clothing: Wear comfortable, elastic waisted long pants and loose or supple top that allow freedom of movement. Tee shirts and track pants are fine. Tai Chi outfits are, too, if you happen have one, but unnecessary if you don't. Typically, dark or black pants and light colored or white tops are worn by trainees in class. Shorts, skirts, strapless tops, singlets etc. are not appropriate for class, and jeans are too heavy and restrictive. (More about Tai Chi clothing at https://ezinearticles.com/?Why-Proper-Clothing-Is-So-Important-In-Tai-Chi&id=283449).
Shoes: Light weight athletic shoes/ trackers or Tai Chi shoes if you have them or can get them easily (e.g. online or from China Town in D.C). Please ensure that your shoes have non-scuff soles to keep the floor unmarked. How about sneakers? Most sneakers are too heavy and grip the floor too much, restricting movement.
Food: Try to avoid eating for a minimum of 1.5 - 2 hours prior to class (except for medical reasons - e.g. diabetes or low blood sugar). A small snack suitable to your own metabolism would be fine but remember that it is extremely uncomfortable to do some of the movements with a full stomach.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If a class series or workshop is cancelled by6th Dimension, you will be refunded your fees. If you confirm your registration and do not attend any or all of the classes/ workshop, a place has been held for you ahead of others who also would like to attend, so fees are non-refundable.

6th Dimension reserves the right to postpone continuation of a class series or workshop for legitimate reasons affecting 6th Dimension. Resumption of classes, or a rescheduled workshop, will be provided at the earliest possible date.

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