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VASTU - in tune with the Spiritual and Nature.



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bullet - energy Originally from India, Vastu is the art of aligning building sites and interior placement with the flows of energy into the house or building. Vastu likens this to the flows of energy into the human body through the head and higher chakras, then out into the world through the chakras of the body... or building. This template creates a mandala for siting a home and adjusting all its features and interiors.

bullte - energy Vastu is about creating serene living spaces in tune with nature and natural flows of energy in your home or business. I focus on the home.

bullte - energy The ancient Vastu Shastra focuses on achieving tranquility in the interior environment and bringing spiritual energy into the home or building.

bullte - energy Vastu is different from Feng Shui in some very important ways, and these differences are observed for clients requiring a pure Vastu consultation.

bullte - energy However, I also offer a unique synthesis of Vastu and Feng Shui so that the tenets of both traditions are preserved and support each other in recommendations made for your home. When you request a consultation, please let me know if you a seeking a pure Vastu consultation or a blend.

bullte - energy Opening your world to Vastu is regarded with respect and approached with the clear intention to assist you to your goals, aligning with the sanctity of your world.

bullte - energy Fees:

  • Consultations & Beginner's Info Sessions: $USD100.00 / hour, in person or by phone/ Skype/ Facetime. Pre-payment is required.
  • Site visits: $300.00 / half day; $600.00 / full day.
  • Motel accommodation and travel costs are required for locations more than 60 miles from Winchester VA.
  • Deposit is required prior to commencing.
  • Email us to arrange your info session or consultation. Please provide a phone number in your email.

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