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2023: Tai Chi training is online!


  • TRADITIONAL TAI CHI TRAINING: Join our online group for Tai Chi and Qi Gong - training in the Yang Cheng Fu and Yang Lo Chan long forms.
  • The following information applies when in-person training resumes - anticipated later in 2022.
  • Saturday
    • 2 - 3.30 pm advanced.
    • 4 - 5 pm first level and beginners (info re class levels). Beginners accepted into this class.
  • Tuesday - "Tai Chi Tuesday" 6 - 7.30 pm: For advanced students and trainee teachers only. Must have completed the Yang Cheng Fu form for admission to this class.
  • Thursday - "Therapeutic Thursday" 6 - 7 pm:  Qigenics Therapeutic Movement. Assists Qi building, training.
  • Tai Chi at 6th Dimension™ is privately run and is independent of any franchise. Training runs throughout the year.
  • PLEASE READ all of the information here at this page and the Tai Chi training info page.

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bullte - energy TAI CHI CHUAN is a flowing form of therapeutic movement that is also a form of self defense, very much so. Tai Chi isn't just a pretty health-dance. The graceful "dance-like" movements are coded self-defence moves which also have healing properties. Based in the principle of stillness within movement, Tai Chi develops the physical, psychological, and spiritual levels of the student. While heightened perceptual and sensitive abilities may develop, these are a by-product of the Tai Chi training, not a goal, and frankly most people are very busy concentrating on memorizing the movement sequences for quite a long time. It is this concentration which suspends the noisy mind's chatter about every day problems that is part of the relaxation that Tai Chi brings.

"Right Place, Wrong Place"

If you are looking for Tai Chi training that adheres to its traditional origins in Kung Fu, you are in the right place. If you are looking for short forms, lots of pseudo-guru Sifu-ism, a watered-down pseudo-Tai Chi which is really some sort of New Age health dance that ignores that Tai Chi is a martial art, our training is the wrong place for you

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bullte - energy QI GONG ("Chi Kung"): The system of standing postures known as Qi Gong taps into and builds the Qi (Chi/ energy) and healing potentials of the human energy system. Qi Gong is an integral part of Tai Chi training at 6th Dimension TM.

bullte - energy STYLES TAUGHT: The long forms of Yang Cheng Fu and Yang Lo Chan Tai Chi. Push Hands basics are also taught as part of your overall development as a student of Tai Chi. (NOTE: If you are looking for a short form, this isn't the place. Most short forms are simply extracts from long forms, and some can be harmful. The benefits from the subtle repetitions and the energy cycles within the long form are worth the time and effort.)

"In the midst of stilness one comes in contact with movement, moving as though remaining still." (Yang Cheng Fu, c.1930; trans: Swaim, L., 2005, p. 435.)

bullte - energy WHAT TO EXPECT:

There are three segments, or "thirds", to the long form of Yang Cheng Fu style Tai Chi, which is the first form that you will learn.

An initial commitment to completing the 1st third is important: This first third of the long form Tai Chi contains one complete energy sub-cycle within the total Tai Chi form. It also provides important building blocks for the next two thirds of the entire Tai Chi form. You will be able to memorize the movements of the first third in about 30 - 40 hoursif you attend class regularly and practise between classes.

The whole long form generally takes people about 9 months to 1 year to memorize all the movements of the entire Yang Cheng Fu Tai Chi form - depending on their commitment, class attendance, weekly hours of training, and practise at home. This involves additonal energy cycles and more complex moves. That is why Tai Chi at 6th Dimension™ is initially structured for an initial year of training. Admissions are accepted at the begining of each month.

Beyond the first year - Towards the essence: Completing the memorization of the sequence of movements is just the beginning. After this, push hands techniques are then undertaken in more depth so that you become aware of where your energy really is and of how you position yourself in many circumstances, not just in class; the healing applications of Tai Chi and Qi Gong are explored; and we also begin to explore the older form of Yang Tai Chi - the Yang Lo Chan form and work to deepen the energy awareness in your form, thereby truly beginning your way to the essence of Tai Chi.

"From comprehending energy, you will attain by degrees spiritual illumination. Nevertheless, without an exertion of effort, one will not be able to suddenly have an understanding of it." (Yang Cheng Fu, c.1930; trans: Swaim, L., 2005, p. 430.)

bullte - energy TRADITIONAL TRAINING APPROACH: Tai Chi training at 6th Dimension™ is conducted in the traditional manner. Tai Chi originated from a tradition of transmission from teacher to student and there were no judging systems, no belts, no step-by-step grading systems or other contemporary trends - these are modern inventions. At 6th Dimension™ we just steadily get on with learning Tai Chi. Your progress in Tai Chi and Qi Gong is observed, and acknowledged and honored in the traditional manner as you progress through your training. Remember, Tai Chi is an internal energy art and, with over three decades of training and teaching, your teacher will be able to see when you have integrated important principles and are ready for the next layer of deeper training, experience, and understanding. The challenge is with yourself (not with a grading system).

Read more about this approach at our Traditional Tai Chi training site.

bullte - energy YOUR TRAINER: Dr Ranna-Lesley Lachlan (Black Belt/ 8th degree, 1986) (PhD, BCPP, RPP, RPE) has been involved in Tai Chi Chuan since 1978. Click here for more information on the journey to find a teacher. Ranna trained in Australia with a Senior Master, Ian Garbett, and through his association with one of his peers, Master Erle Montaigue, she was personally graded to Instructor Black Belt/ 8th degree in 1986 (Montaigue School of Tai Chi and PaKua). Dr Lachlan has been a life long member of the Australian Therapeutic Movement Association since 1985 and the Pacific Kung Fu Federation since 1986. Ranna has been based in the USA since 1998 and has taught Tai Chi and therapeutic movement at various locations in Australia and the U.S.A. since then.

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bullte - energy ADMISSION: Read the Tai Chi TRAINING INFO (click here) then contact 6th Dimension™ to register for Tai Chi training.

bullte - energy LOCATION: 6th Dimension TM studio in the Winchester/ Stephens City area at Middletown.



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