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Inter-Dimensional Yoga Plus TM

Tai-Yo-Shin ... Move It, Heal It!

Tai Chi

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Move It, Heal It!TM


Learn how moving in specific, energy-based ways can enhance healing and well being. One day workshop introducing Ranna® Yoga - an Inter-Dimensional Yoga PlusTM approach, combining it with Tai-Yo-ShinTM.

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Ranna in a Tai Chi/ Chi Kung posture.

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MORNING: The day begins with an introduction to your own Chi energy, Chi Kung, energy basics from Tai Chi, and a series of flowing moves derived from the first third of the Yang Cheng Fu style of Tai Chi Chuan. We also begin to explore an Inter-Dimensional approach, bringing in elements of Cranio-Sacral Rhythms and Energy Yoga.

AFTERNOON: Introducing you to TYS - Tai-yo-shin™, we take your experience of your own Chi energy built through the morning's work and move it into subtle movements that blend the morning's experience with Ranna's Inter-Dimensional Yoga approach - see below.


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Ranna in a chiropractic-derived, spinal care movement (Lachlan and Peterson,1983) combined with Polarity Energy principles.

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LEFT: Ranna in Tai Chi inspired "pull down" plus "peng" movement. CENTER: Ranna in combo movement of Tai Chi inspired turning kick and beginning of disguised "strike down". RIGHT: Ranna in classical Indian "S" movement, activating hip and shoulder.




Tai Chi

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INTENTION: To introduce the long form of the Yang Cheng Fu & Yang Lo Chan style of Tai Chi. Includes introduction to your own Chi energy and Chi Kung. Initial commitment of twelve weeks to cover the first third is recommended.

CLASSES: Ongoing classes throughout the year.






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Thurs 6.30 - 7.00 pm



DESCRIPTION: As seen in Ranna's successful TV series and DVD set, this class blends the experience of your own Chi with subtle Cranio-Sacral movements and rhythms, Polarity Yoga - also called PolarEnergetics, as well as self-healing postures and contacts from Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Polarity Therapy, combined with larger unwinding movements.

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Ranna's yoga method incorporates subtle Cranio-Sacral rhythms with healing contacts from Polarity Therapy. This expansive blend supports your healing process towards well-being by working on several systems of the body including the cellular level, fascia, nervous system and the expression of subtle elements arising in "ether/space" of the energy template of your being. Approaching her movement work with her knowledge as an artist-musician and from her research in ethnomusicology as part of her doctorate, the "right" cross-cultural or ambient music has always been a part of Ranna's classes. especially that which accesses aspects of the nervous system. Through the combination of deep subtle movement, sound, and expression, her method brings a rejuvenated, serene, sense of rested wakefulness.



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LEFT: Ranna in half lotus, meditative posture for centering and chakra work.
CENTER: Ranna in chiropractic-derived spinal care movement (Lachlan and Peterson,1983), combined with Polarity Energy principles.
RIGHT: Ranna in classical Yoga leg lift (also used in chiropractic after-care).


Ranna®Yoga™ - an Inter-Dimensional Yoga PlusTM approach - is Ranna's improvement on her TYS - TaiYoShinTM movement form (nick named "Move It!") which she first developed in 1989 and 1990 while living in Tokyo (1988 - 1991). At that time her method blended Tai Chi, Chi Kung, medical Chi Kung, Yoga, and chiropractic follow up exercises.

Before that, Dr Ranna-Lesley Lachlan's (PhD, RPP) first inter-disciplinary work with Polarity Therapy principles was for a major analysis (inclusive of visual and musical elements) of the human body divided according to element and triad theory in 1986 (work completed during 1984 - 1986) (Australia).

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No longer Offered.

CONFERENCE PRESENTATION: Ranna was selected to present her Yoga method in an experiential workshop at the 25th Anniversary conference of the American Polarity Therapy Association in Chicago (September 4 - 6, 2009) - TOPIC: Ranna®Yoga: Integrating Polarity Yoga and Cranio-Sacral Rhythms through an Inter-Dimensional Approach.

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